Spare Dog Parts

  • Illustrated By: Ashley Spires
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:dogs, pets, animals, mutt, mixed-breed
  • Available:01/26/2016
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
  • Lexile:AD570L
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A stumpy tail, mismatched paws, a long, drooly snout and the biggest dog heart that ever beat. In a celebration of what makes a pet unique, a little girl imagines how an odd assortment of parts combined to make the perfect dog.

With spare, inviting text from Alison Hughes and charmingly offbeat illustrations by award-winning illustrator Ashley Spires, this gorgeous picture book is sure to be an instant classic.
"A really beautiful story that highlights the uniqueness of pets and the joy they bring into their owners lives. The illustrations in this picture book are beautifully painted, descriptive, and they will engage with the reader...A great read-aloud! Highly Recommended."
– CM Magazine
"A little girl speculates on the origins of her beloved pet dog, an endearing mutt with an unusual, mismatched configuration of body parts...Both dog and child are appealing characters in the watercolor-and-ink illustrations, and it's refreshing to have two female protagonists and the little girl shown as a dark-skinned child with dark, curly hair."
– Kirkus Reviews
★ "When it comes to true exposition of the canine soul...Spare Dog Parts soars...The text is sparse but affecting and verges on poetic at times...Spires is an expert at pet portrayal thanks to her popular Binky the Space Cat series, and while she maintains her trademark gentle cartoon style, her drawings are so much more than just pleasant or cute—they are endearingly quirky and surprisingly emotive. The motley dog radiates pure love, devotion, and scampishness whether her tongue is lolling out in anticipation of a belly rub or she is looking on in appreciation as her creator appends a mismatched paw. The text and images combine to create a moving, pure, and affection-filled ode to the mutt...Ear scratches and belly rubs all around."
– Quill & Quire, starred review
"Bright and full of hammers home the idea that, more often than not, a “perfect” dog is the dog you have."
– Booklist
"A wonderful picture book praising the qualities of a mutt...The slightly whimsical art is delightful and complements the imaginative story of how the little girl’s dog came to be."
– Resource Links
“The short, descriptive read-aloud text complements Spires's friendly, cartoonish ink and watercolor illustrations, which are elevated by emotive facial expressions and well-balanced compositions.”
– The Horn Book Online
CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens   | 2016  |  Commended
Bank Street College of Education Children's Book Committee Best Children's Books of the Year   | 2017  |  Commended
Chocolate Lily Book Award   | 2017  |  Short-listed