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Baby Board Book
Pages: 24
Themes: baby animals, babies, animals, habitats, nature, wildlife
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 25/Aug/2015
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Where can you find animal babies? Why, nearly everywhere!

Perfect for babies and toddlers, this adorable board book features a wide variety of baby animals and explores all of the places they live, from bays to burrows and beyond. With colorful, easy-to-turn pages, this book is an essential addition to any little one’s library. Upbeat, rhyming text from award-winning poet Lorna Crozier creates a joyful reading experience, and warm, cheerful illustrations are sure to make the book a favorite.

January Magazine
"Beautifully drawn and celebrity written, with award winning poet Lorna Crozier...provid[ing] simple but rhyming text in support of Laura Watson’s illustrations. And the book is a winner, of course: who can resist baby animals? (Not me!)...Sure to delight."
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"This story will make babies and toddlers feel loved.. As they are being read to, they learn where baby animals live...Could be read to a boy or a girl as the gender of the baby is obscured...A good choice for a bedtime story."
CM Magazine
"An adorable introduction to a wide variety of animal babies and where they live...This book is sure to delight babies and toddlers as they recognize beloved animals and are exposed to new favourites. This is the perfect story to be read and reread as you travel around the world seeing the smallest examples of all the species and always ending with a warm message of love for the baby right in front of you. As if the simple, rhyming couplets in the text weren't cute enough, Laura Watson's big, bright, and colourful illustrations will melt readers' hearts...Board books are one of the first introductions a child has to books, and So Many Babies does the job of offering page after page of visually stimulating images. It's a book worth holding and contemplating (and chewing) for hours...Highly Recommended."


CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens  | 2016 | Commended

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