No Pets Allowed

  • Illustrated By: Kathryn E. Shoemaker
  • Pages:112
  • Publisher:Tradewind Books
  • Themes:chapter book, moving in, family pet, fantasy, landlords
  • Available:09/01/2011
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 6-8
When Matthew moves to Vancouver with his mother, he's not able to bring along his dog Lucky, because the apartment building he is moving into does not allow dogs. But when Matthew's imaginary dog scares off a burglar, all the tenants argue that Lucky should be allowed to come live there.
"The black and white illustrations add to the interest and the frame provided for a drawing of the reader's pet is a pleasant surprise. This is an appealing story, for very young readers but it also offers some ideas for work in class."
– The School Librarian
Chocolate Lily nominee   | 2012  |  Short-listed