Daniel Lastres

Daniel Lastres, a visionary photographer, explores the realms of photojournalism and video, creating a portfolio that has been featured in PAPER Magazine, Canada’s Drag Race, Vogue, and advertising nationwide. An integral part of Lastres' artistic mission is showcasing the inherent beauty within queer communities, challenging societal norms and false representations. A constant advocate for diversity and authenticity, Lastres is on a mission to deconstruct conventional beauty standards, utilizing their lens to spread the message that beauty knows no bounds and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of queer expression.

Books by Daniel Lastres

Diva is about to walk her first ball, and she is feeling nervous and excited! With the help of friends, icons, and legends from House of Siriano and the Toronto ballroom community, Diva calms her nerves, collects her courage, and claims her 10s.