Mom and Mum are Getting Married!

  • Illustrated By: Alice Priestley
  • Pages:24
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Themes:gay marriage, lesbian wedding, LGBTQ, gay rights, diverse families
  • Available:09/23/2004
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
Rosie is surprised to find her Mom dancing alone in the living room, but when Mom announces, “Your Mum and I are getting married!” they can’t wait to start planning the big day. Friends and family come together for a celebration of love.
Writing the story from the point of a view of a child with two mothers helps to protect the book from an overly didactic ring.
– CM Magazine
The story is complemented by bright, cheerful illustrations that will no doubt appeal to young children.
– Resource Links
It gives parents and educators the chance to teach children about tolerance, acceptance and love.
– Telegram (St. John's, Nfld)
It’s a welcome reflection of reality for children who are growing up in lesbian or gay-parented families.
– Worth the Trip website
This book easily introduces the topic of same-sex marriage in an age-appropriate manner.
– Mothering Magazine
Highlighting a different kind of family, the book is a celebration of love and family in a changing world.
– New Brunswick Reader
This book is a simple yet powerful treatment of the socially contentious issue, same-sex marriage.
– Professionally Speaking (Ontario College of Teachers)
Second Story Press Celebrates Gay Marriage in California With Their Classic Picture Book ‘Mom and Mum are Getting Married!