May We Have Enough to Share

  • Pages:24
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:gratitude, sharing, community, mindfulness, Teaching gratitude to children
  • Pub Date:10/01/2019
  • Age Groups:Baby Board Book
Board Book
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Award-winning author Richard Van Camp wrote this book to express his gratitude for all that surrounds him and his family.

The strength of their connections, the nature that provides for them, the love that is endless. Complemented by photos from photographers who celebrate their own gratefulness on the collective blog Tea & Bannock, the simple verse in May We Have Enough to Share is the perfect way to start or end your little one's days in gratitude.

“A wonderful testament to beginning and ending each day with a sense of gratitude.”
– Canadian Children's Book News
“Children will find both the text and photographs comforting and warm. The photographs are excellent! The author and photographers are indigenous and their message is inclusive and always positive, encompassing a gratitude for life, family and the beauty of nature.”
– Resource Links
“A triumph indeed and one indispensable to school, public, nursery, and home libraries everywhere!”
– CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“A beautiful board book that holds a precious message for all generations: to share all that we are with others…A lovely addition to any home library.”
– Eight Cousins Bookshop
Chicago Public Library Best Books   | 2019  |  Commended
Toronto Public Library First & Best   | 2019  |  Commended
CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens, starred selection   | 2020  |  Commended