Lost Dogs

  • Pages:344
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:complex characters, relationships, parent, child, following through
  • Pub Date:03/21/2023

What begins as a search for a lost dog propels a group of unconnected characters into a difficult journey of self-discovery.

Sessional English prof and aspiring writer, Brent, looks for his missing pit bull. His girlfriend, Katherine, an aspiring actress, refuses to help. Their relationship may not survive.

Triggered by Brent’s lost dog posters, fourteen-year-old Becca clamours for help. Her mother, Caroline, is too caught up with herself to notice her daughter is coming apart at the seams. To punish Becca for her attention-seeking behaviour, Caroline inadvertently thrusts her daughter into harm’s way.

Pagé weaves together narratives that speak of people lost in a toxic mix of ambitions and desires in a novel that echoes the works of Iris Murdoch and Cordelia Strube.