Inspiring Meaningful Learning

  • Pages:128
  • Publisher:Pembroke Publishers
  • Themes:lesson planning, meaningful learning, content, classroom pedagogy, building rapport
  • Available:09/28/2018
  • Age Groups:Adult Nonfiction
This remarkable book explores the essential steps for planning lessons that grab the attention of students and make them care about their learning, from activating prior knowledge and sparking curiosity; to focusing on content, skills, and inquiry; to reviewing work and finding students’ next steps. The content of the book is built around the three key areas that are most important to meaningful learning: content, pedagogy, and building rapport with students. This practical book shows teachers how to make every lesson engaging, impactful, and even fun!
“Six-step approach to creating engaging and effective lessons…combination of rapport, lesson content and pedagogy are then used to inspire meaningful learning.”
– Professionally Speaking