I Am Loved

Pakak is in a new foster home. Feeling alone and uncertain, he finds comfort in a secret shared with him by his grandmother, and in the knowledge that he is loved no matter how far away his family may be.


This collection of recipes brings together healthy traditional country foods and store-bought produce to create delicious meals.

Please Don't Change My Diaper!

In this hilarious rhyming book, a little boy doesn't want his diaper changed. But with a little love, he realizes things may not be so terrible after all . . .

Life Cycles of Caribou

This bilingual book shares Inuktitut terms for caribou throughout their life cycles, giving readers an understanding of the rich Inuktitut terminology for these animals.

The Raven and the Loon

One day Raven and Loon play a sewing game that would give their feathers some much-needed colour, leading to the birds acquiring their now-familiar coats.

Tanna's Owl

This heartwarming story based on the author’s own life experience teaches young readers the value of hard work, helping, and caring—even when the thing you are caring for does not love you back.

A Journey to the Mother of the Sea

The sea animals have disappeared, and people are starving. An old couple, once great shamans, are asked to journey to the Mother of the Sea to find out what happened to the animals. But the journey is dangerous...


These spine-tingling horror stories by Northern writers show just how dangerous darkness can be.

Those Who Dwell Below

When word of a starving village nearby reaches Pitu, he must help. It soon becomes clear that Pitu must travel to the bottom of the ocean to meet Nuliajuk, one of the most powerful beings in Inuit mythology.

The Pencil

Based on the author’s childhood memories of growing up in an iglu, this charming story introduces young readers to the idea of using things wisely.