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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 104
Themes: friendship, summer adventure, haunted house, heritage site, Oregon
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 24/Sep/2019
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Just when Josh starts to think his break from school is going to be all chores and no cheer, his best friend, Mark, invites him to spend their break helping restore a historic home and mill in Oregon. With the help of their friends Angela and Mary Jane, and under the watchful eye of Aunt Sue and Uncle Doug, the kids spend weeks fixing up the grounds, basking in the freedom of country life and learning about the surrounding area. Not to mention eating bugs, domesticating feral cats and starring in a movie! But it's not all fun and filming. The mill is in financial trouble, and the kids have to figure out a way to help Aunt Sue and Uncle Doug keep it running, in spite of it being haunted.

Ghost of the Mill House follows Bus to the Badlands, where we first met Josh and his classmates.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“Includes succinct information on many things…Has themes that fit the elementary school history curriculum.”
Book Time blog
“A quick read about a fun summer break for four friends.”
Must Read Literature: K thru YA
“The information and specific vocabulary used enhance this well paced plot. The illustrations add appeal and clarity providing a visual description of the characters and scenes associated with the story…There is enjoyment as well as a learning experience integrated in this text. This title is recommended for classrooms or libraries that serve children in upper elementary grades. It promotes friendships, helping others and working together.

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