Elvis, Me, and the Postcard Winter

  • Pages:200
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Series: Elvis, Me, and the Eagle Shores Trailer Park
  • Themes:Indigenous, Coast Salish, chosen family, found family, adoptive family, Elvis Presley, prejudice, award-winning author, birthday present, mother-daughter relationship, estranged
  • Available:11/16/2024

Vancouver Island, 1979. Winter rains have swept into Eagle Shores Trailer Park, and twelve-year-old Truly has settled in with Andy El, the Salish Elder who took her in after she was abandoned by her mom, Clarice. When Elvis, the thought-to-be-dead King of Rock ’n’ Roll and Truly’s postcard pen pal, gifts her a secondhand guitar, Truly’s growing love of music deepens her bond with her new family — now including Andy El’s nephew, Raymond, Truly’s new puppy, Gracie, and Andy El’s granddaughters, Agnes and Linda.

But Clarice shatters Truly’s world again when she unexpectedly returns, asking for a second chance at being a good mom. Can Clarice really change? Can Truly ever forgive her? If so, is she willing to give up her new life with Andy El to move back in with her mom?