The Other Ones

Illustrated By: Toma Feizo Gas

In two chilling stories that blend elements of traditional Inuit mythology with the modern horror genre, debut Inuk author Jamesie Fournier brings the hidden, ancient creatures of early Inuit folklore into a contemporary setting, with horrifying results.

Siku: Life on the Ice

Photographs by: Paul Souders

This book features sweeping landscape photography of Arctic sea ice in all its forms by acclaimed photographer Paul Souders, accompanied by anecdotes from community members across the North.

Ahiahia the Orphan

Illustrated By: Nate Wells

This traditional story is retold by Kugaaruk Elder Levi Illuitok, and illustrated in a comic book style by Nate Wells, giving life to an ancient story for new generations to enjoy.

The Ugly Place

Illustrated By: Emma Pedersen

A child makes their way along the Arctic shoreline on a dark day. Everything around them seems as ugly as their mood until the child closes their eyes and breathes. What they once saw as an ugly landscape is now wonderful and vibrant.