Hidden on the High Wire

From celebrated author Kathy Kacer comes the story of Irene, a young Jewish girl raised at the circus in Nazi Germany, who must perform the balancing act of her life to keep herself and her mother alive.

Guardian Angel House

Guardian Angel House was a convent operated by the Sisters of Charity in Budapest that sheltered Jewish children during WWII; among them were author Kathy Clark’s mother and aunt.

The Underground Reporters

In a quiet village in Czechoslovakia, laws restricted the freedom of Jewish people during WWII. A small plot of land by the river was allocated to the village’s Jewish youth, and it was here that some brave young people decided to create a newspaper.

The Night Spies

It is the middle of WWII; Gabi, her mother and her cousin, Max, go into hiding. Unable to stand their cramped hiding space, Gabi and Max go on secret walks and discover information that is useful to the anti-Nazi partisan soldiers camped out nearby.