Katya Adamov Ferguson

Katya Adamov Ferguson (she/her/hers) is a mother, artist, researcher, and teacher. Katya currently works as an early years support teacher in several schools in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is passionate about teacher professional learning in the area of Indigenous education. She sees potential in the arts to create ethical spaces to mobilize complex topics with both young children and adults. Katya is also a PhD student engaging in curriculum redesign and place-based inquiries, and is branching her arts-based research into public spaces. She has authored several teacher guides with Portage & Main Press and is co-editor of Resurgence: Engaging With Indigenous Narratives and Cultural Expressions In and Beyond the Classroom.

Books by Katya Adamov Ferguson

This collection of contemporary poetry, art, and narrative supports K–12 teachers in connecting with Indigenous voices and perspectives, bringing Indigenous works in their classrooms, and creating equitable teaching practices.


This guide for all grade levels helps teachers engage students in intergenerational learning and authentic experiences. Find educator resources and inspirations, guidance on how to use the S?'ad'a principles, the significance of this series to Haida cultural resurgence, and critical perspectives on the impact of colonialism.