Anna Molnár Hegedús

Anna Molnar Hegedüs was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire on August 2, 1897. She married Zoltan Hegedüs in Szatmár (Satu-Mare) on June 14, 1921, and had two children, John and Agnes. Anna Hegedüs immigrated to Israel from Romania in 1949 and to Canada in 1952. She died in 1979.

Books by Anna Molnár Hegedús

“The pen is shaking in my paralyzed hand as I write: I AM ALIVE! I am alive and it is May again. The lilacs are in bloom and I smell their sweet fragrance again. There was springtime last year as well, but we had no eyes for beauty. Our lips forgot how to smile, our hearts were shattered! And now I’m alive again!”