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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 152
Themes: multicultural families, tolerance, superstition
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Oct/2010
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Colette Faizal isn't superstitious, so she doesn't worry when a fortune-teller advises Colette's mother to "watch for the unexpected." But when her father announces he is going back to Iran, her mother is hurt in a car accident and Colette is sent to live with the grandparents she's never even met, everything the mysterious woman predicted seems to be coming true. As Colette struggles to bring her family back together, she tries to hold on to the last thing the fortune-teller told her: "You will know how to handle what lies ahead."

CM Magazine - December 17, 2010
"An interesting novel which addresses complex issues, such as superstition, interfaith marriages, family conflicts, brain injury and poverty, Persian mythology, old age, friendship and responsibility. The multicultural connections in this novel will give readers insight into Iranian culture and traditions. The silver samovar in the title becomes a symbol of the powerful lesson of this novel: 'Sometimes you must do what is right whether or not it is in your best interests.' Recommended."


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