Inuit Kinship and Naming Customs

This book presents interviews with four Inuit Elders from Nunavut about how names were chosen, the importance of using kinship terms, and how the practice of tuq&urausiit has changed over the years.

L'ours geant

Jose Angutinngurniq, conteur exceptionnel et aîné très respecté de Kugaaruk au Nunavut, nous rapporte l’histoire du grand nanurluk.


A visually stunning examination of the raven's place in Canadian Arctic society, revealing a bird that is at times loved, maligned, dreaded, and even revered.


Compiled from writing, poetry, and illustrations created by young Nunavummiut, this anthology explores diverse aspects of the theme of weather from Inuit mythology to traditional knowledge, climate change, and daily survival.

Nala's Magical Mitsiaq

This book tells the story of how Nala and Qiatsuk became sisters through Inuit custom adoption, and explains the unique process of custom adoption within Inuit culture.

Ukaliq: Puppies!

Each issue of Ukaliq focuses on a different animal and is filled with activities, games, and puzzles.


Jake finally gets a puppy to train as a sled dog, but soon learns just how much work it will take.

Under the Ice

A grandmother soon regrets calling on the qallupaluit to take away a little boy. After enlisting the help of her fellow villagers, the old woman learns that the boy may be happier with the qallupaluit than he ever was with her.


The legend of Kaugjagjuka--a mistreated orphan who gains the strength to stand up for himself with a little help from the Man of the Moon--is a traditional Inuit tale told throughout the Arctic.

Joy of Apex

As Joy navigates her parents' separation and its affect on her family, she learns some valuable lessons about how to cope when life gets tough.


Part autobiography, part art object, this book will introduce Canadians to one of the Arctic's most talented young artists Ruben Anton Komangapik.

The Qalupalik

When a bright young orphan strays too close to the ice, he soon learns that while qalupaliit may be very scary, they are also easily tricked.


Kappianaqtut provides readers with an in-depth academic examination of two mythological creatures from Inuit mythology.


This definitive collection of Inuit legends is thoughtfully introduced and carefully annotated to provide the historical and cultural context in which to understand this rich oral tradition.

Kaakuluk: Muskox!

Each issue of Kaakuluk focuses on a different animal and is filled with facts, a legend, games, and puzzles.

Kaakuluk: Caribou!

Each issue of Kaakuluk focuses on a different animal and is filled with facts, a legend, games, and puzzles.

Unipkaaqtuat Arvianit, Volume One

In this delightful book for audiences of all ages, Mark Kalluak shares his favourite versions of traditional and personal tales, lovingly illustrating and translating them himself.