Be Your Own Best Friend FOREVER!

  • Pages:40
  • Publisher:Book Publishing Company
  • Themes:self-confidence, positive thinking, diversity, truth, strong
  • Available:04/27/2021
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
Be Your Own Best Friend FOREVER! is packed with inspiring tips for any girl who doubts herself or is the subject of exclusion or body shaming. Jayla, the confident young person sharing her advice, takes pride in being Black, Native American, Asian American and Latina. She steers readers away from negative self-talk with proven strategies: If kids are mean to you, make new friends. If a TV program tells you to change how you look, change the channel! Replace negative talk with positive talk the Jayla way, by replacing the voice of self-doubt and self-hate with the voice of self-love and light. With engaging illustrations and Jayla’s great facial expressions, the reader will come to realize that once she believes in herself, she will always have a best friend!
“The text provides confidence-boosting mantras, as well as simple but concrete ideas on how to reject negative words and ideas. . . . A Pop Art–inspired feel that packs a graphic punch and will appeal to readers of a wide age range. Readers of all backgrounds will cherish and celebrate the relatable, affirming messages that burst from these pages.”
– School Library Journal
“This is a book for kids who let bad comments eat away at them. In other words, most. Jayla is a powerhouse of positive energy on every page, and it sets the right atmosphere to support the message. It builds self-esteem and explains why kids should love themselves.”
– Bookworm For Kids
“Jayla suggests ways to practice positive self-talk, including a simple list of affirmations, and exhorts readers to embrace their unique characteristics ... Readers will come away embracing their best possible selves.”
– Kirkus