• Pages:384
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:oppression, gender roles, autocracy, absolute power, motherhood
  • Available:04/13/2024

I am a gender criminal. I am Unmale, yet I write as though I am a person.

Driven by a Machiavellian mind and ego, Tiresius has risen through the ranks of the Autokracy to become Imperial Treasurer, has won over the trust of the Autokrator himself, and yet, has broken the society’s most scared rules: She has posed as a male for many years. In the eyes of the Autokracy, this gender crime is one of the most heinous a person can commit, and punishable by death.

In this deeply etched speculative world, women — Unmales — have been relegated to non-person status with their reproduction strictly controlled. Their only role is to serve men, and to do so from the shadows.

Tiresius’s rebellion against the Autokracy coincides with that of a Domestic — a female labourer — named Cera. Cera’s son, who was taken from her at birth as demanded by tradition, is the successor to the Autokracy. She is desperate to be part of his life and takes dangerous steps toward revealing herself to him, becoming a gender criminal herself.

The fates of both women become intertwined as they are driven to discover what cost gender and power exact.

Autokrator delivers a multi-faceted book highlighting a society with extreme views about women. … Much like the dystopian world depicted in The Handmaid’s Tale, author Emily A. Weedon delivers a cautionary tale. … The beauty of the story is the author’s smooth writing style that sucks you in.”

– Novels Alive

“While reminiscent of tales like 1984, Game of Thrones, and The Handmaid’s Tale, Weedon wasn’t setting out to write a dystopia, just a ‘ripping good story.’ But soon, she realized that her novel, a chilling tale of a world where women have no rights, was beginning to mirror what was happening in our own world.”

– She Does The City
“[A] richly detailed canvas …”
– Post Media

“The author has framed an original epic story that posits important and pressing questions about the dire rise of autocracy and the ongoing chaos caused by The Patriarchy.”

– Open Book