X Marks the Spot

  • Illustrated By: Dave Whamond
  • Pages:64
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Series: Orca Echoes
  • Themes:first chapter book, beginner reader, independent reader, exploring, mapping
  • Available:05/01/2015
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 6-8
  • Lexile:570L
  • Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient:M
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A natural-born explorer, Leo loves to make maps and experiment with new ways of getting around the schoolyard. But explorers sometimes get sidetracked, which can lead to getting in trouble. When Leo’s teacher, Mr. Chang, announces he’ll be giving out an award for responsibility, Leo is determined to redeem himself. The upcoming class field trip to the woods seems like the perfect opportunity. He’ll get to use his handy compass watch and show Mr. Chang he can be extra-responsible! But when two of Leo’s classmates wander out of bounds, Leo is faced with a tough decision.
"Does an excellent job of highlighting the daily challenges children in the early grades of elementary school experience, including learning what it means to be responsible, making tough decisions, working with peers, and cooperating with other children who may not be the easiest people to get along with. Readers will be readily able to identify with the challenges that Leo encounters, particularly his frustration in trying to do the right thing but not always being understood...The characters in the book are quickly and clearly sketched out, resembling the unique personalities of students that make up a class...The pace of each chapter is moderately brisk and leads seamlessly into the next. Readers must remember what happened in the story previously as the chapters do not stand on their own, making it a good selection for readers who are in the final stages of reading early chapter books. The language is clear, sometimes subtly humourous, and will resonate with readers between seven and nine years of age. Highly Recommended."
– CM Magazine
"Leo learns that being responsible sometimes means having to choose between following the rules and doing the right thing. The short chapters and numerous illustrations make this book a good transitional chapter book."
– Resource Links
"Responsibility is a theme that runs throughout this story of Leo who loves maps and exploring...While on a field trip to practice map skills, Leo gets a perfect opportunity to show that he is responsible when some of Leo’s classmates get lost and he uses his expertise to get them back on course. This beginning chapter book is an easy read; simple b&w illustrations help bring the characters to life."
– School Library Connection

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