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101 ways to inspire and engage studentsby building vocabulary, improving spelling, and enriching reading, writing, and learning
Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 167
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pub Date: 23/Jan/2019
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Make words the core of classroom instruction and engagement! Literacy guru Larry Swartz offers novel ways to expand students’ interest in and facility with words and word power; day by day, word by word. This practical resource is designed to help students discover why word choice and language matter as they build vocabulary across subject areas, gain confidence in word usage, and increase their understanding of word patterns. This practical book shows you how to encourage and motivate students to become passionate about words and develop strategies to help them grow in all their language and learning skills. Ideal for new and experienced teachers, Word by Word is committed to helping students develop innovative ways to explore and make meaning with words.

Professionally Speaking
“An ode to words and a beautiful reminder of why we love them. It elegantly emphasizes how important words are to establishing essential reading and writing skills in the quest for deepening knowledge.”