Wilhelm, the Hedgehog

  • Illustrated By: Anna Sarvira
    Translated by: Alexey Potapov
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Running the Goat
  • Themes:Hedgehogs, friendship, curiosity, creativity, noctural animals
  • Available:11/14/2023

Wilhelm is a hedgehog who lives in a park in the city. Unlike most hedgehogs who sleep in the day and eat and explore in the evening, Wilhelm is curious and wants to know a bit more about the daytime world—especially about Light and the sun. His friends try to dissuade him, but eventually, realize that Wilhelm won’t be convinced to behave like a “normal” hedgehog. So instead they work together to help him achieve his dream.

A charming tale about being yourself, following your dreams, and about the friends who help you, Wilhelm the Hedgehog was originally published in Ukraine in 2016. It celebrates creativity, inspiration, and community.