Where Are You Little Red Ball?

  • Illustrated By: Yayo
  • Pages:11
  • Publisher:Tradewind Books
  • Themes:little red ball, adventure, runaway, babies, early literacy
  • Pub Date:02/15/2016
  • Age Groups:Baby Board Book
Board Book
$8.95 USD
Where Are You Little Red Ball follows the adventures of a runaway ball. Charming illustrations by Yayo are a delight for very young children and parents alike.
"This deceptively simple-looking book challenges its young audience to conceptualize transformation and identity...It's a tremendously sophisticated conceit for a board book, but toddlers will see how one basic shape—a circle—can be found in many different contexts, and the second-person address can help lay the groundwork for understanding individuation later on. A simple book paves the way for complicated concepts."
– Kirkus Reviews