We Are the Ocean

  • Illustrated By: Sarah Borg
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Book Publishing Company
  • Themes:ocean, cycle of water, nature, connection to nature, natural environment
  • Available:07/26/2022

We Are the Ocean helps children discover a personal connection to water. The author beautifully describes the importance of the ocean in sustaining life of all living plants and animals. Through the eyes of children with their doggie companions, the question of “what is the ocean?” is answered.

Captivating illustrations and imagery show the continuous cycle of water on earth and teach young readers that water is in all the cells of plants and animals, and even in their own bodies. Readers will be surprised to find that their drinking water was "once in the bodies of dinosaurs!" When children learn that the ocean is part of them, they will hopefully learn to love and appreciate it, and take care of the ocean as they grow older.

"Magical illustrations follow pairs of children and their dogs as they learn about the importance of water and the interconnectedness of nature. A Dalmatian rubbing noses with a whale, a pooch in boots dancing between icebergs, and a young child setting sail on a winding river are just some among the diverse cast of characters in this story about preserving and caring for our oceans—and, by extension, ourselves."
– Foreword