Until Today

  • Pages:184
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Themes:sexual assault, journal writing
  • Available:09/13/2013
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 12+
Kat is alone with a secret she doesn’t want to keep, but can’t risk telling. A victim of longtime sexual abuse at the hands of her family’s trusted friend, Kat is torn between trying to protect herself and safeguarding her little sister, whom she fears might be next. With no one to turn to, Kat keeps a secret journal where she writes the truth about everything that has been going on since she was a little girl. But now the journal is missing, and Kat’s secret is about to unravel.
(Fluttert) keeps Kat’s trauma and her reluctance to speak at the center of her tale. The character of the abuser, Greg, always in control, stands out as highly realistic.
– Kirkus Reviews
It's fiction based on Fluttert's own experience, written from the victim's perspective to help kids, parents and educators understand childhood sexual abuse. The story also empowers victims to take control...and explain how the crime of sexual abuse can happen, especially at a time when kids are so connected and open about their personal lives.
a work that can be recommended by guidance and counselling staff to students in this terrible situation.
– CM Magazine
Kat's emotional confusion, and the difficulty of turning from victim into survivor, is well portrayed...this novel will be a useful tool to open dialogue on a sensitive issue.
– Resource Links
2014/2015 Stellar Book Award Finalist (B.C. Teen Readers' Choice Award)   |   |  Short-listed