Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe Read-Along

  • By (artist): Wallace Edwards
    Read by: David Skulski
  • Pages:32
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:imagination, unique, tiger, seek-and-find, search-and-find
  • Available:09/01/2016
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
  • Lexile:AD460L
  • ATOS:3.7
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Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe, inspired by the familiar nursery rhyme The House That Jack Built, follows the course of one very unusual shoe as it travels through a fascinating, imaginative world to encounter an assortment of quirky characters. The imaginative text and cumulative story are sure to enthrall young readers, as will the detailed illustrations. Children and adults will delight in finding the whimsical objects and hidden meanings in the layered colorful artwork, reminiscent of Wallace Edwards's first book, Alphabeasts.
"Astounding illustrations...Edwards' artwork, vividly rendered in watercolour, pencil, and gouache, has a vintage feel that contrasts with the growing trend toward graphically and digitally inspired illustration in children's books...It is difficult to argue with the obvious skill involved in creating such intensely detailed, meticulously layered illustrations...With a lilting sing-song text and art that is delightful and fun...this book will appeal to keen-eyed youngsters and nostalgic older readers alike."
– Quill & Quire
"[A] surreal but delightful fantastical romp...Although the text is entertaining in itself, the illustrations beg to be pored over. On most spreads, the left page displays framed text and a circular portrait of the animal or object newly added to the story. On the right is a lush, detailed painting executed in watercolor, gouache and pencil. Readers' eyes will initially focus on what is referred to in the text but then wander into the dreamlike landscape, which is full of surprises that stretch the imagination...Save for small groups or one-on-one sharing so readers can linger in this visual wonderland."
– Kirkus Reviews
"[Edwards] uses a "House That Jack Built"-style verse as scaffolding for a series of enigmatic, beautifully drafted paintings...Visual elements...proliferate, morph, and refer to themselves in endlessly imaginative ways."
– Publishers Weekly
"This wonderful children's picture book written and illustrated by Wallace Edwards offers transport to an imaginative world of wonders where a diverse group of animals and special collection of things are all bonded together to form a colorful and zany new community...Designed for children 4 through 8 years old, the illustrations are remarkable paintings filled with animals and inanimate things. By the end of Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe, both adult readers and children lucky enough to receive this book as a gift will find themselves wanting to enter the wonder worlds of Edwards again and again in order to spot new delights!"
– Spirituality & Practice
"[A] bright, vibrant, and detailed work. Young readers will be drawn by the highly fanciful, delightfully colourful art. The imaginative illustrations have a dream-like quality about them. One can gaze at them for long periods of time, wondering how it all fits together...To walk through Edwards' illustrations is to walk through a garden of limitless possibilities—a garden from which anything can blossom."
– CM Magazine
"The combination of extraordinary, visually-complex graphics and a lilting, fanciful story will make for a magical adventure for young readers."
– Tucson Unified School District
"While the text is fun, it is the illustrations that make this book one to linger over, taking in all the beautiful subtle details found on each page."
– NJ Youth Services
"Children will enjoy the solid rhymes and deeply detailed illustrations, but I’ve a hunch that collectors will be on the list for this book, as well."
– January Magazine, Best Books of 2012
Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Awards - Shining Willow   | 2013  |  Nominated
Canadian Booksellers Association (CBA) Libris Prize   | 2013  |  Short-listed
CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens   | 2013  |  Commended
Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award   | 2013  |  Short-listed
Forest of Reading Blue Spruce Award   | 2014  |  Nominated
Resource Links, The Year's Best Books   | 2013  |  Commended