Ultra Readable Orca Soundings 1-Year Digital Subscription



Orca’s hi-lo books for striving readers are gripping, contemporary novels with short chapters, simplified sentence structures and fast-paced plots that push students to keep reading. Now, these best books for aspiring readers are available in an ultra-readable format so they can continue to create readers who reach for more books. This subscription includes unlimited, multi-user access for a single school for one year. After purchase, you will be contacted by Orca to select your subscription start date and configure your credentials.

Orca Digital subscriptions are a unique, easy and cost-effective way to provide ebooks to an entire school or district. Our digital subscriptions provide access to ebooks for an unlimited number of readers at the same time. Digital subscriptions can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from school or home using the online reader or the Orca Digital app.

Features of Orca's ultra-readable format:

  • Larger trim size
  • Dyslexia-friendly, more readable font
  • Increased spacing between words and lines
  • Cream-colored paper to minimize contrast so readers can focus more easily

The 2022 Ultra Readable Orca Soundings Collection includes 31 popular Orca Soundings titles: Back / Blood Donor / Blood Sport / Bodyguard / Counting Scars / Depth of Field / Double or Nothing / Dreaming in Color / Face the Music / Hey Jude / I Dare You / Mr. Universe / Murder at the Hotel Hopeless / No More Pranks / Overdrive / Pickpocket / Sink or Swim / Snitch / Sticks and Stones / Stranded / Tell / The Rules Have Changed / The Thing You're Good At / Tornado / Truth / Viral / Another Miserable Love Song / Crime Club / He Who Dreams / Stuffed / Sulfur Heart