Tiny House, Big Fix

  • Pages:144
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:Housing crisis, single mother, tiny houses, family dynamics, community
  • Available:01/29/2019
  • Age Groups:Adult Fiction
  • Reading Level:3.3
  • Lexile:HL510L
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Sadie works as a framer, building houses. She lost her own home in a recent divorce and now lives with her two daughters in a rented bungalow. When her landlady says she needs to move out, Sadie finds there's a housing crisis in her community. She can't find a place to live and is forced to move her family into a travel trailer at a local campsite.

When her ex-husband finds out, he insists that the girls come live with him in another city. Desperate to keep her daughters with her in their home community, Sadie is forced to rethink her dream of living in a full-sized house.

In the short term, she moves her girls into a co-worker's apartment. Then, with the help of her friends and daughters, she builds a tiny house. In the process she finds living with less has its rewards and that living in a small space brings her family closer together.
"Anderson-Dargatz imbues her warm story with lots of relatable details of love and family, and she tailors the novel, with its clear and direct plotline, perfectly for readers looking to improve their literacy or simply enjoy a complete tale in one quick sitting."
– Booklist
“A delightfully quick read...Anderson-Dargatz weaves an enchanting little story.”
– The Ormsby Review
“Written with depth and honesty, Tiny House, Big Fix takes a very real issue and makes it accessible to readers.”
– CM: Canadian Review of Materials