The Troupers

  • Pages:224
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:quintuplets, coming of age, child actors, entertainment, family
  • Available:03/15/2022
  • Age Groups:Adult Fiction
Under their famous-child-actor-turned-director father’s overbearing and narcissistic eye, the Trouper quintuplets are raised on a strict diet of Golden Age entertainment and homeschooling to mold them into the best actors of their generation. But through a series of hilarious and tragic events, the siblings begin to develop their own personalities and ambitions, rebelling against their father’s aspirations for them. The tension rising from the quintuplets’ newfound individualism sparks an onstage brawl during a performance on their 18th birthday that changes the trajectories of each of their lives. Twenty years later, the quintuplets reunite for the reading of their father’s will and one last performance.
“Humour set against a backdrop of sadness is the best way to describe the atmosphere of this story, but the constant presence of all five siblings ... ensures there is always someone to rely on, or commiserate with... I could have read another 100 pages about these Troupers.”
– I've Read This Blog
ReLit Awards - Novel   | 2022  |  Short-listed