The Secret of Grim Hill

  • Pages:192
  • Publisher:Heritage House Publishing
  • Themes:private school, creepy, Celtic, mystery, paranormal, mythology, soccer
  • Pub Date:02/01/2016
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
$12.95 USD
The new kid at Darkmont High, Cat Peters is already desperate to get out. So when she hears that Grimoire, the private school nearby, is offering scholarships to the winners of a Halloween soccer match, Cat jumps at the chance to apply, despite her sister Sookie’s warnings that there’s something creepy about the old school on the hill. Sookie’s worries are confirmed when they uncover a mystery about an entire soccer team that disappeared many years ago. Further investigation leads Cat to a book about ancient Celtic mythology, and she soon realizes that there is something truly wicked at work inside the walls of Grimoire.