The Limping Man

  • Pages:208
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Series: The Salt Trilogy
  • Themes:quest, dystopian fantasy, adventure, mystery, science fiction
  • Available:03/01/2011
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 12+
  • Lexile:620L
  • ATOS:4.2
In this compelling final volume of The Salt Trilogy, Hana narrowly escapes Blood Burrow after her mother chooses to swallow poison rather than die in the great witch-burning in People's Square. Deep in the forest she meets Ben, son of Lo, and Hawk, who becomes her silent protector and guide. But even in the forest there is no peace. When they learn of the advancing armies that will wipe out all those who have sought refuge in the wilderness, they realize they have no choice but to return to the city and confront the terrible power of the Limping Man head-on. The problem is they know that, unless they discover the secret to his power, none of them—alone or together—is strong enough to fight the evil the Limping Man embodies.
"The heroes' personalities are defined by their harsh environments, but they reach beyond those limitations. Fantasy heroes who can save only themselves and their loved ones are a welcome change from the usual."
– Kirkus Reviews
"Gee's writing is taut and visceral...The Limping Man, himself, is a unique and chilling figure. In him, Gee has succeeded in creating a memorable villain...Recommended."
– CM Magazine
"[A] thrilling stand-alone third volume...The Limping Man is a truly creepy villain, and Hana and Ben make an intelligent, daring pair."
– Booklist
"Gee's short sentences and plain, concrete names...give this the quality of myth or fable—which indeed it is, about the limitlessness of human greed for power, as well as the refreshing gentleness of an ego-less people who live cooperatively, and co-equally, with their environment. Strong—even topical—concepts and quick, vivid characterization, along with straightforward prose, make this dystopic trilogy accessible and engaging."
– The Horn Book Magazine
"Gee's dark descriptions come into play here and inform his narrative. It is not just the representation of evil (the Limping Man) but the evil itself...that must be dealt with. And Gee has his protagonists bring it all down with ragged cunning and dogged work on the side of justice."
– Resource Links
"This series conclusion shares characters and history with Salt (2009) and Gool (2010, both Orca), but stands well on its own. As in earlier volumes, Gee deftly creates heroes, villains, and his unnamed world with spare brush strokes. In particular, he offers a humble heroine to whom readers may easily relate. This book should please fans of the earlier books as well as readers who enjoy characters who succeed by virtue of their heads and hearts."
– School Library Journal
"Fans of the dystopian series and genre will devour this quick read."
– Tri-State YA Book Review Committee

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