The Legend of the Caribou Boy / Ekwò Dǫzhìa Wegondl

  • Illustrated By: Ray McSwain
    Translated by: Mary Rose Sundberg
  • Pages:40
  • Publisher:Theytus Books
  • Themes:caribou, oral tradition, Dogrib, folklore, indigenous
  • Available:05/01/2009
  • Age Groups:Fiction Picture Book
English / Dogrib PB
Maintaining the Dene storytelling tradition of passing along the teachings to their children, John Blondin relayed the story of The Legend of the Caribou Boy as he heard it from his father, George Blondin a respected Elder and storyteller. Now written down in dual language the legend is passed on to you. Discover one small part of Dene history and the lessons that have been passed on for generations.

A young boy is having trouble sleeping at night. he is being called to fulfill his destiny, a destiny which lives on today in the traditions and culture of the Dene people and their relationship to the caribou and the land on which they live.

The multimedia CD included allows readers to hear and see the Dogrib legend in Dogrib and English on a Mac or PC computer or insert it into a CD player to listen to the story in either language.
"Although sparse on details, there is an almost majestic simplicity to the English text. This simplicity is reflected in many of the human forms in the illustrations."
– Canadian Material Volume XIV Number 13