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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 64
Themes: birthday, cats, wishes
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2004
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Nell makes two wishes on her birthday, but the next day they show little sign of coming true. Everyone in her household is busy and wants her out from underfoot and no one is willing to help her find her lost cat. In the end she finds more than a cat and she makes her own wishes come true with the help of a row of tall, bright, smiling sunflowers.

Canadian Literature - September 1, 2005
"The story stresses the love and generosity involved in the giving and receiving of gifts. Young readers in our consumer-driven society will find refreshing relief in the dressed-up sunflowers and new kittens."
Booklist - December 15, 2004
"The combination of good writing and innocent charm makes this a fine choice for early readers."
Canadian Book Review Annual - September 1, 2004
"Jean Little's chapter book has wide contemporary appeal." "This is an excellent choice for young fans of historical fiction, and for teachers or librarians looking for a good fit with an early Canadian prairie theme." "Highly recommended."
Resource Links - September 1, 2004
"The gentle, heart-warming tone of this slim tale assures even quite young readers that all will be well eventually."
CM Magazine - April 8, 2004
"Master writer Jean Little has created another lively, likeable heroine in Nell." "Non-stop action, plenty of character revealing dialogue, and a protagonist who persists until she solves her own problems will hold the reader's attention." "Highly recommended."


CCBC Our Choice  | 2005 | Commended