The Art of Being Lewis

  • Pages:264
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:Architecture, depression, overdose, family relationships, mid-life crisis
  • Available:06/25/2019
  • Age Groups:Adult Fiction

Between indecent exposure and intellectual property theft, it's tough being Lewis this year.

East Coast architect Lewis Morton thought he had it all: loving wife and children, dream job, and a house that meets his exacting architectural standards. But after his beloved mentor dies unexpectedly and Lewis gets pulled into a lawsuit that threatens to detsroy his career and possibly his life, the respectable identity he has carefully constructed for himself after fleeing his Jewish childhood in Montreal begins to disintegrate. In trying to build his new future he must first come to terms with his past. Who is Lewis Morton, and who will he choose to become?

“A literary page-turner with profound insight into the stories we make our own.”
– Atlantic Books Today
“The novel’s cast of characters is sketched with care, down to the cut of their suit, the confidence expressed in their stance, the set of their expression in an awkward social setting. In its attention to detail The Art of Being Lewis is a contemporary version of the novel of manners by Jane Austen or George Eliot.
– The Canadian Jewish News