Taos Pueblo Summer

  • Illustrated By: Janell Lujan
  • Pages:22
  • Publisher:Book Publishing Company
  • Series: Taos Pueblo Four Seasons
  • Themes:indigenous, teaching tool, wordless, revitalize languages, hot weather
  • Available:05/30/2023
Board Book
The delightful board books, written without text, were created by the Taos Pueblo’s Tiwa Language Program to preserve the Tiwa culture and revitalize the unwritten Tiwa language by teaching it to younger generations. Many other Indigenous languages also need to be revitalized, so it is the hope of the Taos Pueblo’s Tiwa Language Program that other American Indian nations will find the books useful to teach their languages to their children. The beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations will also educate young children about the four seasons of the year. All proceeds of the book support the Taos Pueblo’s Tiwa Language Program.