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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 136
Themes: competition, cats, friendship
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2007
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When master fact-gatherers TJ and Seymour are asked to join the school Quiz Kids team, TJ thinks Seymour should take the stage at the upcoming contest against the high-pressure Fairview School team.

TJ is already more than occupied rescuing his cats and helping Gran get ready for her upcoming trip to Belize. When he goes with his dad to help with a renovation job on a huge house on Fairview Hill, he and T-Rex tangle with a rich girl and her giant dog, Frooie. Then Seymour develops stage fright, Alaska goes missing and the girl from the big house shows up on the Fairview quiz team. TJ knows he has to sort things out—fast!

CM Magazine
"An all-around crowd pleaser by one of our nation's most prolific authors. Recommended."
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"The humour is catchy and one cannot help but cheer for the underdog."
St. Albert Gazette
"The book is an unpretentious charmer, just like its hero, and is a solid read for anyone aged seven and up."


Resource Links "The Year's Best"  | 2007 | Commended
Hackmatack Children's Choice Award nominee  | 2008 | Short-listed
Silver Birch nominee  | 2009 | Short-listed
CCBC Best Books  | 2009 | Commended


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