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Fiction Ages 6-8
Pages: 88
Themes: boy and dog friendship, soapstone carving, Indigenous, Cree, self-knowledge
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 13/Mar/2018
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The dog shows up the way snow does on a winter's day. She just drifts in and stays, becoming the friend of a young Cree boy. The boy and the dog set out on an adventure that ends in a quandary involving quills and a big brother who swears to take revenge on the porcupine. But Lindy, a Cree elder and master carver, reminds the brothers of the importance of the great porcupine. After a day spent carving in town, the boy learns some truths about human nature and realizes that sometimes, like the porcupine, you must put your quills up to keep from getting pushed around.

Soapstone Porcupine is the second book, after Soapstone Signs, narrated by a young Cree boy.


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