Shamus the Urban Rez Dog, P.I.

  • Pages:160
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:animal narrator, funny books for kids, stealing, dog detective, prejudice
  • Available:09/02/2023

The name’s Shamus. I'm a special kind of dog. I'm what's known as a Rez Dog. That means I’m a mix of different dog breeds and I come from a reserve. As far as I know, I am a mix of German Shepherd, husky and border collie. I was a surprise from Rainey and Cole’s uncle. Mom is still warming up to me, but the twins love having me around.Life was great—busting out of the yard, chasing Mr. Tibbles around the neighbourhood, snooping through garbage bins—until Mom was accused of stealing from the family-owned jewellery store she’s worked at for years. She couldn’t possibly have done it, so the kids and I set out to catch the real thief with some surprising and, if I do say so myself, hilarious results, including a false wall, a lucky bowling ball, and a vicious poodle named Hepzibah.