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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 120
Themes: running, competition, self-esteem, family
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Oct/2013
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When it comes to cross-country running, Jake does everything right. He eats all the right foods, trains like crazy and reads articles about running in his spare time. There's nothing easy about running, but the hardest part for Jake is that, at the end of the day, Spencer Solomon always wins first place. Determined to take the lead for once, Jake continues to push himself even more. His rigorous training schedule leaves no time for friends, family, pizza or joking around. When Jake is invited to join the Diamond Running Club, he thinks he's found an opportunity to train harder. Instead, with the help of his coach, Jake begins to rediscover what he used to love about running in the first place.

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"The story shows how becoming obsessed with something you once loved will eventually take the enjoyment of out it. The language is simple for the target age, with a few harder words to challenge the reader's skill...Good for children who fall in the eight to eleven age bracket who are looking for a short novel or a beginning chapter book."
CM Magazine
"An accessible read, Seconds is written in a very straightforward manner...Everything is tight and economical, just like a runner should be. A recommended read for young sports fans, especially those who are interested in running."
Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
"A strong story with a good plot and wonderful message. The characters are also engaging making this a good solid read."


Silver Birch Express Award nominee  | 2015 | Short-listed
SYRCA Diamond Willow Award nominee  | 2015 | Short-listed

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