Res Judicata

  • Pages:184
  • Publisher:Orca Book Publishers
  • Themes:single parent, justice, revenge, mystery, detective
  • Pub Date:10/01/2008
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 12+
  • Lexile:HL650L
  • ATOS:4.5
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Cyril MacIntyre, son of firebrand lawyer Andy MacIntyre, smells something fishy about one of his mother's cases. And it's not just that there are sea lice in the coffee. When Cyril starts investigating the death of a millionaire inventor, he gives a whole new meaning to the term "legal aid." Long on smarts and short on—well, just plain short, Cyril tangles with deranged criminals, indulges in a little bit of B & E and confronts the scariest person in the world—his mother.
– CM Magazine
"Filled with quirky characters and great detective work. Cyril's off-beat life provides a colorful backdrop for the action, and readers will be kept on their toes right up until the end."
– Readingjunky's Reading Roost blog
"The author's plot development is fast-paced, well-crafted and fun, and makes the whole novel one suitable for even less enthusiastic readers. Highly recommended."
– Resource Links
– Tucson Unified School District
"A delightful, page-turning stand-alone sequel to Quid Pro Quo...This mix of wisdom beyond his years and familiarly realistic teen concerns makes Cyril a winning, engaging narrator."
"Cyril's cheerful tolerance of his mother's irresponsibility and lack of organization makes him an extremely charming main character...This book is highly recommended."
– The Bookmark (BCTLA)
"A fast-paced narrative with a skillfully woven plot and a highly entertaining cast of offbeat characters...[Cyril is] an instantly likeable, wisecracking teen who infuses the story with humour."
– Atlantic Books Today
"The perfect environment for humor and mix-ups and mystery. The novel features laugh-out-loud bits between mother and son and plenty of hilarious insights...Students who enjoy quick-witted writing and good mysteries will enjoy how well Vicki Grant cracks the case...Highly recommended."
– Library Media Connection
"A hilarious romp featuring a teenage sleuth and his friends. Recommended."
– Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
"Funny and clever, with twists and turn in the plot and just a bit of serious thrown in, Res Judicata is a worth sequel to Quid Pro Quo and fans will be left wanting more."
– Canadian Children's Book News
"What a fun book from Orca Book Publishers!...A great choice for your more reluctant readers."
– Puget Sound Council
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