Read Aloud and Digital Readings

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. We are thrilled you want to create an online reading of an Orca book and support our authors and illustrators. We want to help you do this while also crediting and compensating our creators for their work.

What’s better than a video of an author reading their own book? Many of our authors’ videos can be found below and we will update this page as more authors are inspired to make recordings.

If you are an educator or librarian, we know you’ve faced many challenges due to the pandemic, and we want to help you bring Orca stories to students and readers. If you have already purchased the book you wish to read aloud and record, then Orca Book Publishers is pleased to grant you a free Read Aloud license to create and share your video. Please send your request, including the name of your institution and the title of the book for which you are requesting a Read Aloud license, to We will provide you with the guidelines of use and a license by return email.

Thank you for your continued diligence in the education of your students and for bringing Orca books into your homes and classrooms!

If you don't fall into the above category, please email your request to create a Read Aloud to

Orca Author Readings

Click each image to open the author's reading. To learn more or order books, click the title below each video.

Monique Gray Smith
When We Are Kind

Monique Gray Smith
My Heart Fills with Happiness

Sarah MacNeill
One House

Anita Daher
Racing for Diamonds (Ch 1)

Colin Frizzell
Chill (Ch 1)

Colin Frizzell
Chill (Ch 2-3)

Colin Frizzell
Chill (Ch 4-5)

Colin Frizzell
Chill (Ch 6-7)

Colin Frizzell
Chill (Ch 8)

Mahtab Narsimhan
Genie Meanie (Ch 1)

Monique Gray Smith
You Hold Me Up

Rita Feutl
Bike Thief

Kathleen Cherry
Everyday Hero (Ch 1)