Radio Jet Lag

  • Pages:372
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:new dad, fatherhood, radio host, talk show, homeless
  • Pub Date:06/17/2023

All the coffee in the world can’t keep Stephen Millburn from floundering at his new job as an early-morning radio host. With a new baby at home and an irate boss at work, Stephen is barely holding it together. Trying to balance his parental duties with his work schedule leaves Stephen falling asleep in the most inconvenient of places and makes him late for just about everything.

Already at risk of losing his job, Stephen finds himself pursuing a story about a homeless encampment against his boss’s wishes. As much as he may struggle to stay awake during his broadcasts, he needs this job to support his growing family and pay down his crippling mortgage. Can Stephen find a way to pull it all together or will he crash and burn?

With just the right amount of heart and humanity, Gregor Craigie’s Radio Jet Lag is a satirical tale of an often chaotic medium and the serious stories it seeks to tell.