Rachel Bird

  • Pages:232
  • Publisher:Second Story Press
  • Pub Date:05/03/2022
$14.95 USD

Rachel and her little sister, Jane, are spending the summer with two strangers who happen to be their grandparents. Up until their mom’s death a few months ago, Rachel didn’t know these people existed, and now she’s been packed off to the family ranch in the interior of British Columbia—a place with mountains, lakes, and zero cell service. 

But her newfound family isn’t the only secret that’s been kept from her. Why did their mother leave her family so many years ago? Why does their grandpa stay hidden away in the basement, and what happened to their Uncle Jimmy? And the biggest question mark of all: who was the mysterious Stephanie?

Once Rachel shines a light into the ranch’s dark corners, nothing will ever be the same again.

"[Becky Citra] measures out mysteries and revelations while chronicling a summer of discoveries—some tragic, even gruesome, but others that give Rachel whole new visions of her mother, her family, and of her own life... Readers, particularly those able to catch subtle cues and read between lines, will understand how events and insights gradually transform her vision of the future. An unexpectedly buoyant tale of loss and healing."

– Kirkus Reviews