The Book of Us

  • Pages:240
  • Publisher:Cormorant Books
  • Themes:self-improvement, #metoo, prom, how to treat women, teen boy perspective
  • Available:10/18/2022

It’s the summer before grade twelve, and sixteen-year-old Noah Greene is in the relationship of a lifetime with his brilliant and book-smart girlfriend, Miranda Owens. But when Miranda overhears his private conversation with another girl, what he says destroys everything they’ve built, shattering Noah’s world.

Determined to make amends, Noah sets out to truly understand the harm his words have caused and maybe become worthy enough for Miranda in time for prom. Along the way, he’s been turning his journey into a manuscript called The Book of Us and wants to give it to Miranda to prove to her how far he thinks he’s come.

What did Noah say that upset Miranda so much? What will she say when he finally asks her out again? Has he been able to mend the harm he's caused, or are some things beyond repair?

“Because Noah is writing this for Miranda, it was in the back of my mind that Noah was now an unreliable narrator – was he really changing for himself, or was he still doing what he hoped would impress Miranda? The author, Shane Peacock, masterfully plays with this tension.”
– CM Reviews
“A very nice, casual, entertaining read for young readers.”
– YAdude Books blog