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A Graphic Guide Adventure
Graphic Novel 9-12
Pages: 64
Themes: government, politics, mystery
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2011
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Devin and Nadia team up with Bounce, Pema and Marcus as they all travel to Northern Ontario to watch their parents present to the Summit of World Leaders. A swarm of politicians, lobbyists, corporate bosses and protestors have all converged on the summit to get their messages heard. A tragic accident just hours before their parents' presentation plunges the kids into their biggest mystery yet and sets them on the trail of a murderer bent on stopping their parents' controversial message from being heard.

It's a fight against the planet's power players as the kids dive into the world of politics, uncovering how government works, the history of democracy, the influence of lobbyists and corporations on politicians and the potential of civil society to change it all.

CM Magazine
"The partnership of O'Donnell and Deas continues to excel at explaining complex ideas in a simplified manner and at an appropriate level for students to understand...Power Play has all the characteristics...[of] an excellent story; a strong author and illustrator, it is part of a successful series, has known characters, it contains an interesting mystery, and it is full political intrigue."
"An enjoyable story with educational value, this strong mystery is presented along with information about world politics, power, and the benefits of political protest for social good."
Kirkus Reviews
"Another educational thriller in graphic mode...The illustrations are rich in detail and chromatic with atmosphere...[and] there is also an enjoyable level of suspense...The point is well made: Democracy is imperfect but self-righting in its course."
Resource Links
"A good introduction to many political topics, and lays them out clearly and concisely...For fans of the series this is a good pick."
School Library Journal
"Good explanations of some rather complex political concepts are woven into the story line, informing readers on topics such as the origins of democracy, the political spectrum, and civil disobedience. It's a slim book, but there is a lot packed into each page. The cartoon artwork is detailed yet clear, with colorful panels that nicely break up the text and action...A welcome counter to the superhero and fantasy tales that dominate the genre."
Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media
"A fun mystery in comic form that manages to address issues about politics, power, and speaking up for a good cause. The appealing cover and colorful illustrations are likely to pull students in while also throwing in important and educational political information."
"Young readers will get a lesson on democracy as well as enjoying a good story."


SYRCA Diamond Willow nominee  | 2012 | Commended
A Parent's Guide to the Best Kids' Comic selection  | 2012 | Commended
CCBC Best Books starred selection  | 2012 | Commended

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