Patrick's Wish

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This is the true story of Patrick, who was born with hemophilia and contracted HIV through a tainted blood transfusion and fought to educate people on the truth about HIV and AIDS.

You could dip into this anthology anywhere and find something interesting…excellent.
– NOW Toronto
Patrick's Wish is simply written for children ages 7-10, filled with beautiful photos of Patrick taken throughout his life. Patrick's Wish ends with a list of 9 important things Patrick would want the reader to know about HIV and AIDS. These 9 simple statements constitute the most effective AIDS-HIV awareness education effort for elementary age children to date. Patrick's Wish will help Patrick's wish, to find a cure for HIV/AIDS, come true.
– Midwest Book Review
Mitchell and Upjohn aim to cultivate tolerance and curb ignorance of HIV/AIDS, and in 24 pages they do so admirably.
– Counterpoise
(This book) puts a human face on an awful disease. The book also gives factual information about HIV/AIDS, and dispels many myths.
– Resource Links