Orca Spanish Soundings Collection



Orca Spanish Soundings are short, high-interest novels are written specifically for teens in Spanish. These edgy stories with compelling characters and gripping storylines are ones they will want to read. Reading levels from grade 2.0 to 4.5; Interest level ages 12+.

This collection contains the following titles: Un trabajo sin futuro (Dead End Job), Revelación (Exporsure), Respira (Breathless), Reacción (Reaction), No te vayas (Comeback), Ni un dia más (Kicked Out), Los Pandemónium (Thunderbowl), La verdad (Truth), La tormenta (Death Wind), La otra vida de Caz (Caz Hazard), Identificación (I.D.), En el bosque (In the Woods), El soplón (Snitch), El regreso (Back), El qué dirán (Sticks and Stones), El blanco (Bull's Eye) and A toda velocidad (Overdrive).