My Head in the Clouds Read-Along

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Travel the world with an intrepid explorer who's adventurous, brave and just a little bit forgetful.

She searches for ancient loot but loses her swimsuit! Goes to beautiful places and misplaces three suitcases! From Canada to Nepal to Egypt and beyond, our narrator circles the globe while abandoning her possessions. She even loses her mother, briefly, in the desert.

The cadence and rhyme, accented by quirky collage-style art, will propel readers along through this exciting excursion, ultimately landing on a fact page dedicated to the places you've just read about. Join us on our journey around the world.

“A lovely tale of adventure, mystery, and, of course, forgetfulness, it’s destined to give you the travel bug.”
– Montreal Review of Books
"Engaging...bright, mixed-media illustrations."
– CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“Whimsical multimedia illustrations are often engaging.”
– Kirkus Reviews
“Imagination and daydreaming are the keys to unlocking this around the world trip. Written in prose, with exceptional illustrations, only the reader's imagination can be better than this book.”
– Must Read Literature: K thru YA