Miles to Go

  • Pages:224
  • Publisher:Heritage House Publishing
  • Themes:friendship, family, historical, mothers and daughters, dying and illness, rural life, coming-of-age
  • Pub Date:01/15/2019
  • Age Groups:Fiction Ages 9-12
$12.95 USD
Miles to Go is the story of a friendship between two twelve-year-old girls in a small prairie town. In the spring of 1948, each girl faces a heavy personal loss and challenges that threaten their friendship. Through a hard few months the girls learn the meaning of loyalty and the value of keeping a promise. Loosely based on the author's experience growing up in a small town, this book's timeless themes and authentic emotion will speak to young readers.

"Beryl Young’s novel Miles to Go is sparse, poetic and, at times, perfectly heart wrenching. It subtly captures the coming of age of two young prairie girls. The beauty of this story is in the little things, the life things. In short: it's wonderful."—Arthur Slade, award-winning author of Dust