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Teachers listening, learning, and sharing to create more successful classrooms
Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 139
Themes: mentoring, collaboration, professional development, learning, teaching
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pub Date: 30/Jun/2020
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This practical book explores ways teachers can collaborate and learn from each other in formal and informal situations. It demonstrates that a mentoring relationship can benefit both new and experienced teachers. Full of strategies that are practical and easy to implement, the book offers solutions to common questions, opportunities, and challenges that face teachers every day. Based on extensive experience, this highly readable book includes personal histories and experiences around important values and advocates for honest reflection and meaningful feedback. An essential resource for all educators, the book champions reciprocal and ongoing processes of learning, listening, and sharing.

Professionally Speaking
“Teachers could use this book at any stage of their career to reflect on where they are and where they want to be. It is a superb addition to an annual learning plan and a helpful tool to use during performance appraisals.”
Jacqueline Snider, Library Journal
“…describe[s] a type of mentoring that incorporates collaboration and sharing…This well-researched book provides an excellent guide…”